New Way To Support My Work

If you are a fan of my creative/artistic modeling projects I now have a new site where you can easily, and inexpensively, support my work. You can check out the new site HERE.

It’s not a typical pay site with scheduled updates but I do plan on updating as often as possible. It’s basically a cross between a social media site & crowdfunding page. You can join for as little as $1 per month. There are different membership tiers that come with different perks.

I love doing creative photo sets with talented photographers but the reality is my main income is from videos which limits how often I can do creative projects. If you like my creative work please consider joining my site as a way to help me fund new projects.

And speaking of working with talented photographers here are two images from a recent outdoor fashion shoot I did with Michael Leach Photo

Note To My Fans

I haven’t been very active online and I know I have not been great about responding to emails recently. I’m not trying to ignore anyone, I have just had a lot to deal with recently. At the very end of March I ended up in the ER thanks to having kidney stones again which lead to a kidney infection.


I then had to travel home to my grandmother’s funeral. She was 91 and suffering so I am glad she is at peace now but I still miss her and needed some time away from work.

The one good thing so far this month was my trip to Las Vegas the 2nd week of April. I got to live out a personal fantasy of mine and work with some really amazing people. I will have more to post about that in the near future. Unfortunately when I got back from my trip I started to feel really sick and found out I have bronchitis.

So if I have been talking to you about filming a custom video I should be able to film soon. I am focusing all my energy on doing what I can to get better.

If you have sent me an email about custom videos or anything else and I have not responded it is possible that I lost track of your email so please message me again. As a general rule I won’t get annoyed if you email me multiple times about something if I don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time. I get a lot of email and as much as I try to keep up with everything it can get hard to keep track of email when I’m doing everything from shooting and editing my own videos, modeling for other people, and doing my own marketing.

And since I am self employed I don’t get paid sick time. So if you like my work please consider making a purchase from one of my stores. I have a wide variety of content which you can find links to bellow:

fetish clips:

POV Femdom:

Quicksand/damsel in distress:

No Hate; No Fear

Recently I went with some friends to a peaceful rally & march in support of the groups of people currently being discriminated against in this country. It is physically painful for me to stand for hours and use public transportation but my pain is nothing compared to the suffering that many people are living with on a daily basis. Regardless of political beliefs all humans deserve civil rights. We must not let hate and fear lead to immoral actions. National security is a serious issue. During the search for the Boston bombers I was in the area where the police were searching and was not able to leave my home. One of my friends who went to the rally with me went to school with the officer who was shot and killed. However the way to stop violence is not by spreading hate. Discriminating against Muslims only fuels terrorism. It helps terrorist groups recruit more people because it is proof that they are being targeted and oppressed by the US government.

I respect that many people do not agree with this assessment. We all have the right to our own beliefs and to express those beliefs. In a true democracy all people have a voice. There is no need to hate people who do not agree with you. We need to be able to come together and have civil discussions on how to solve problems. No one person or group should dictate what happens to us all.

I have already gotten a lot of hate emails & treats of violence & rape for speaking my mind. However if you are a woman who uses social media you will likely be threatened at some point regardless of what you do or say. There is too much hate in this world. If you feel the need to insult and threaten random strangers on the internet or in person I highly suggest you seek therapy. There is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. Anger is literally bad for your health and accomplishes nothing.

And if you do not want to buy my videos because I support the rights of all humans that is perfectly fine. There are more important things than making money. As a religious person I am not willing to put financial gain before morality.

New Fashion Portraits

I have been very productive balancing photo shoots, video shoots and making costumes for some upcoming cosplay scenes. Recently I had a great shoot with a new photographer, Marrkx. Here are a few images from our shoot:


Wearing one of my vintage necklaces


Green Body Paint Set

This was a concept I had in my head for awhile and thanks to Marker Images I finally got a chance to shoot this. This was an experiment of sorts because that was a new mixture I wanted to try for body paint. It came out more transparent than I was hoping but I do love the shine to it.

These photos are just from part one of this series. We shoot like 600+ photos that day so it has been a lot to go through. Part one which is going up on Wam Erotica today  as a special bonus update for my members is me posing partly covered in paint. There are 265 photos in this part. In part 2 I am fully covered in it and in part 3 I am fully covered in the paint and in bondage.

Also these photos I am posting her are cropped and re-sized. The images on my website are larger and not cropped.

Also this is the first ever photo shoot I have done without wearing any make-up. That was not intentional, I was having a really bad day and was focusing so much on bringing all the paint supplies to the studio I forgot my make-up bag! I was so worried the stress was going to trigger my rosacea but luckily that didn’t happen.

New Edits & New Site

Recently I modeled for two very different themes both shot by Michael Leach. This first photo is from a slumber party themed set with two other models, Debbie Gee & Elana Bohemia. This shoot was Elana’s idea and it was a lot of fun!

On my left is Debbie & on my right is Elana

This next shot is from a set featuring me in a super tight PVC dress and thigh high boots. Some of these photos will be featured on my new femdom website that I will be launching soon. I already have a clips4sale store up for my new femdom videos but be warned it is some very extreme content featuring hardcore BDSM like ballbusting, electroplay, CBT and male nudity. If you are into that stuff then you will LOVE my new femdom store !

So many more photos from this set!

I also have a new body paint set that I need to edit for Wam Erotica but have not been able to get around to. I can’t sit at my desk too long before my back really starts to hurt, plus if I look at my screen too long it gives me a migraine 😦 Recently it seems to be taking me longer and longer to get anything done which is frustrating. I wish there was some kind of desk that allowed you to lay down while using a desk top computer, if that exists some one please tell me, lol.

Behind the scenes photos

The past few weeks have been pretty rough for me. Right after healing from surgery I ended up with a painful sinus infection. On top of that I have been trying various meds for my migraines none of which seem to do anything. But I was really happy to do a shoot this past weekend with a bunch of fun and creative people. I don’t have any of the edited photos to share yet but do have some cute behind the scenes cell phone pics taken during the day.

From left to right: Me, Elana Bohemia, Debbie Gee

This was the first set we shot which was a girly sleepover scene which was so much fun! It was a big change from what I normally shoot which was fun for me since I love variety and trying new things.

Cute and Naughty 😉

The next theme I shot with photographer Michael Leach was a chain bondage set. This is the first time I have done a shoot in this dress and I am really looking forward to the edited images from this set.



130 videos now live!

I just realized I now have up 130 videos streaming on my wet & messy fetish site Wam Erotica 🙂 It’s a lot of work but I love getting messy so I am very happy with the success of that site. I’m still posting 2 videos per week and while most content is featuring me there are about ten other models on the site too. So to celebrate I figured I would post some previews from some of my favorite scenes.

Me, Sateen, & Elana playing a hilarious game with pies!
I completely destroyed this wedding dress!
Soaking my new dress
Bondage, slime & clothes destruction! My favorite things 🙂

Healed From Surgery & Back To Work

If you follow some of my social media accounts like my instagram then you might know I had minor surgery back in late October. I did a trial of a spinal cord stimulator which involves implanting wires that run up through your spinal column right nerve your spinal cord. The wires send electrical signals that are meant to disrupt the pain signals going to your brain. I had the wires in me for a total of five days to test the device out to see if it would help with the chronic pain I have from damaged nerves. Unfortunately it didn’t work so the wires were removed but at least I can say that for a week I was a cyborg with my very own remote control!

Trying to show the wires coming out of my lower back

Like with most of my surgeries it was more painful and took longer to heal than what the surgeon told me but I am finally feeling back to normal…well my version of normal at least. I’m working hard to catch up on filming, emails and other work. I have some exciting things coming up that I am really looking forward to. I’m building a new site that will be exclusively for my femdom content however that will take awhile to get up an running. But For now I do have a fun photo to share from my most recent photoshoot 🙂


I love those ballet heels and they were surprisingly not that hard to stand in. No matter how broken my body is I will still do crazy things in the name of art!