Summer Fashion

Here’s another edit from an outdoor fashion shoot I did with¬†Michael Leach Photo


Technically this was shot in the spring so my title is a little misleading but I am so excited it is summer now. I have been working hard on so many projects that I am excited about but will probably need to give myself a break soon so I don’t get burnt out.

Recently I was filmed for a documentary style TV show that features people with unusual lives. They were interested in the quicksand videos I make so they filmed me doing my first quicksand shoot of the season. I am hoping to do more mud/quicksand scenes soon but all this rain is making it hard for me to find good locations. At least it’s still early in the summer.

I also have some non-modeling related projects going on but am still trying to keep up on updating all my video stores. I’m a bit behind on editing so I should really get on that. And I should have more fun photos to share soon!

New Way To Support My Work

If you are a fan of my creative/artistic modeling projects I now have a new site where you can easily, and inexpensively, support my work. You can check out the new site HERE.

It’s not a typical pay site with scheduled updates but I do plan on updating as often as possible. It’s basically a cross between a social media site & crowdfunding page. You can join for as little as $1 per month. There are different membership tiers that come with different perks.

I love doing creative photo sets with talented photographers but the reality is my main income is from videos which limits how often I can do creative projects. If you like my creative work please consider joining my site as a way to help me fund new projects.

And speaking of working with talented photographers here are two images from a recent outdoor fashion shoot I did with Michael Leach Photo

New Fashion Portraits

I have been very productive balancing photo shoots, video shoots and making costumes for some upcoming cosplay scenes. Recently I had a great shoot with a new photographer, Marrkx. Here are a few images from our shoot:


Wearing one of my vintage necklaces