New Edits & New Site

Recently I modeled for two very different themes both shot by Michael Leach. This first photo is from a slumber party themed set with two other models, Debbie Gee & Elana Bohemia. This shoot was Elana’s idea and it was a lot of fun!

On my left is Debbie & on my right is Elana

This next shot is from a set featuring me in a super tight PVC dress and thigh high boots. Some of these photos will be featured on my new femdom website that I will be launching soon. I already have a clips4sale store up for my new femdom videos but be warned it is some very extreme content featuring hardcore BDSM like ballbusting, electroplay, CBT and male nudity. If you are into that stuff then you will LOVE my new femdom store !

So many more photos from this set!

I also have a new body paint set that I need to edit for Wam Erotica but have not been able to get around to. I can’t sit at my desk too long before my back really starts to hurt, plus if I look at my screen too long it gives me a migraine 😦 Recently it seems to be taking me longer and longer to get anything done which is frustrating. I wish there was some kind of desk that allowed you to lay down while using a desk top computer, if that exists some one please tell me, lol.

Behind the scenes photos

The past few weeks have been pretty rough for me. Right after healing from surgery I ended up with a painful sinus infection. On top of that I have been trying various meds for my migraines none of which seem to do anything. But I was really happy to do a shoot this past weekend with a bunch of fun and creative people. I don’t have any of the edited photos to share yet but do have some cute behind the scenes cell phone pics taken during the day.

From left to right: Me, Elana Bohemia, Debbie Gee

This was the first set we shot which was a girly sleepover scene which was so much fun! It was a big change from what I normally shoot which was fun for me since I love variety and trying new things.

Cute and Naughty 😉

The next theme I shot with photographer Michael Leach was a chain bondage set. This is the first time I have done a shoot in this dress and I am really looking forward to the edited images from this set.