Summer Fashion

Here’s another edit from an outdoor fashion shoot I did with Michael Leach Photo


Technically this was shot in the spring so my title is a little misleading but I am so excited it is summer now. I have been working hard on so many projects that I am excited about but will probably need to give myself a break soon so I don’t get burnt out.

Recently I was filmed for a documentary style TV show that features people with unusual lives. They were interested in the quicksand videos I make so they filmed me doing my first quicksand shoot of the season. I am hoping to do more mud/quicksand scenes soon but all this rain is making it hard for me to find good locations. At least it’s still early in the summer.

I also have some non-modeling related projects going on but am still trying to keep up on updating all my video stores. I’m a bit behind on editing so I should really get on that. And I should have more fun photos to share soon!

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