Happy Halloween

I know it’s a little early but really wanted to share these new images from a damsel in distress themed horror shoot I did recently with Michael Leach. We were planning of doing a shoot with me and another model but since that didn’t work out Michael came up with a fun solo idea for just me. So here’s me tied up to a chair with a bomb getting ready to go off!


To give this an old school damsel look I wore one of my pin-up dresses and a blonde wig. And even though this looks like it was shot at night it was actually done during the day. The lighting the photographer used created that very dark look which I love. It’s not easy to turn day into night but Michael is spectacular with lighting! We also did a fashion shoot earlier in the day out in the woods which have a very different look to them. I’ll have edits of those to share soon 🙂

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