Note To My Fans

I haven’t been very active online and I know I have not been great about responding to emails recently. I’m not trying to ignore anyone, I have just had a lot to deal with recently. At the very end of March I ended up in the ER thanks to having kidney stones again which lead to a kidney infection.


I then had to travel home to my grandmother’s funeral. She was 91 and suffering so I am glad she is at peace now but I still miss her and needed some time away from work.

The one good thing so far this month was my trip to Las Vegas the 2nd week of April. I got to live out a personal fantasy of mine and work with some really amazing people. I will have more to post about that in the near future. Unfortunately when I got back from my trip I started to feel really sick and found out I have bronchitis.

So if I have been talking to you about filming a custom video I should be able to film soon. I am focusing all my energy on doing what I can to get better.

If you have sent me an email about custom videos or anything else and I have not responded it is possible that I lost track of your email so please message me again. As a general rule I won’t get annoyed if you email me multiple times about something if I don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time. I get a lot of email and as much as I try to keep up with everything it can get hard to keep track of email when I’m doing everything from shooting and editing my own videos, modeling for other people, and doing my own marketing.

And since I am self employed I don’t get paid sick time. So if you like my work please consider making a purchase from one of my stores. I have a wide variety of content which you can find links to bellow:

fetish clips:

POV Femdom:

Quicksand/damsel in distress:

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