New Bondage Scene

When I first started out modeling I did a lot of artistic nude work and a lot of bondage since bondage has always fascinated me. The first website I ever did any video work for was a bondage site called Quality Control. I think I was 19 when I first shot with them. There are a bunch of videos of me on that site from those early years and I do look rather different. My hair was shorter and at one point was purple. Plus I weighed a bit more back then. Despite being older I think I look a lot better now than I did back then! All my health problems have forced me to get physically fit as you can see from this preview photo from a recent shoot I did for Quality Control:

I don’t shoot a whole lot of bondage anymore but it was nice to be chained up again, however the orgasm denial was frustrating 😉 If you like my bondage work I highly suggest checking out that site and seeing just how much I have changed over the years. If nothing else my life has been an interesting journey!