No Hate; No Fear

Recently I went with some friends to a peaceful rally & march in support of the groups of people currently being discriminated against in this country. It is physically painful for me to stand for hours and use public transportation but my pain is nothing compared to the suffering that many people are living with on a daily basis. Regardless of political beliefs all humans deserve civil rights. We must not let hate and fear lead to immoral actions. National security is a serious issue. During the search for the Boston bombers I was in the area where the police were searching and was not able to leave my home. One of my friends who went to the rally with me went to school with the officer who was shot and killed. However the way to stop violence is not by spreading hate. Discriminating against Muslims only fuels terrorism. It helps terrorist groups recruit more people because it is proof that they are being targeted and oppressed by the US government.

I respect that many people do not agree with this assessment. We all have the right to our own beliefs and to express those beliefs. In a true democracy all people have a voice. There is no need to hate people who do not agree with you. We need to be able to come together and have civil discussions on how to solve problems. No one person or group should dictate what happens to us all.

I have already gotten a lot of hate emails & treats of violence & rape for speaking my mind. However if you are a woman who uses social media you will likely be threatened at some point regardless of what you do or say. There is too much hate in this world. If you feel the need to insult and threaten random strangers on the internet or in person I highly suggest you seek therapy. There is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. Anger is literally bad for your health and accomplishes nothing.

And if you do not want to buy my videos because I support the rights of all humans that is perfectly fine. There are more important things than making money. As a religious person I am not willing to put financial gain before morality.


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